Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

Full Engine Diagnostics Ability

The modern automobile you can encounter in Calgary is equipped with a range of interconnected systems that are seamlessly integrated to give you a complete driving experience. When the designs are out of line, and you need to fix them, nothing less than an expert vehicle diagnostics system can bring them back to the original settings. From identifying errors to taking the tuning of your car to the highest level, Wow Tire and Auto Repair’s vehicle diagnostics system is an excellent option.

Suppose a customer takes their vehicle to us for repair. In that case, our technicians will take a look at each component, including electrical and engine problems, all of which could have an impact. Diagnostic tools that we employ are of the best quality and can resolve tiny errors that may be making it difficult for you to get driving.
The fact is that most vehicles that travel on Calgary roads aren’t performing as well as they could. With the full engine diagnostics and tune-up package by Wow Tire and Auto Repair Service, your vehicle will receive a complete treatment, and you’ll notice the improvement in fuel efficiency and performance right away.

If a vehicle stops and/or has a sputter, it may result from fuel not getting into the engine or spark plugs that are not working properly or could be due to an obstruction within the system. The fuel and air filters are cleaned, spark plugs are changed, as well as the fuel injectors are examined, and the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valves can be tested in the course of the engine tune-up. We’re a full-service vehicle maintenance center located situated in Calgary. We offer service for all models and makes. Our mechanics are knowledgeable of the majority of engine tune-up suggestions from the manufacturer.

To schedule a visit to a diagnostics center at our facility, make a call today to Wow tire and auto repair.