Exhaust System Repairs

Exhaust System Repairs

Wow, Tire and Auto Repair have the technology and the technicians to diagnose and fix any exhaust system-related issues correctly. Our team has years of experience in exhaust system repairs. We offer quick and reliable service for a low price.

Calgary Exhaust Systems

Calgary repair of exhaust systems is our specialty! We only use top-quality OEM parts (OEM) to install exhaust systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s catalytic converters, front exhaust pipes, intermediate exhausts pipes, tailpipes, or mufflers. Bring your vehicle in, and we’ll address the issue using high-quality components. When it comes to muffler replacements, we provide our customers with a One-Year or 20,000 km of warranty on all labor and parts.

3 Signs That Your Exhaust Needs Repairing

Considering the plethora of fumes produced by exhaust systems, there is bound to be some water. Don’t worry about this since this is a regular thing. If you notice any leaks (usually noticeable in the parking lot), it could indicate issues. If your car’s exhaust is leaky, then the consequence is that your car’s engine will be working more efficiently, which could affect the performance. Additionally, leaks can harm the environment, so it is crucial to be inspected by a professional mechanic. These leaks could also be found almost everywhere within the exhaust system. They may be located at a particular joint.

Exhaust Noise
Another indication of something wrong could be the noise and vibration emanating through the exhaust. A slight or no sound is normal, but when you see a slight chance, this is the case, there may be something wrong. The vibration that is too strong will not be evident only from outside, but if you’re in the vehicle, it’s something that your passengers experience. Get it booked by a mechanic to be checked out.

Engine Noise
You’re not alone that if the sound of your engine gets louder significantly, the primary reason may be an issue with your exhaust system. If your exhaust system isn’t functioning correctly, then your engine will have to be working more. The entire exhaust system is quite large, and it isn’t only the pipe that goes out of the back of your car. It covers the whole length of your vehicle.

Get your groaning exhaust system repaired today by Wow Tire and Auto Repair.